Hi, I’m MaryLynn. I ask a lot of questions, but I’m learning to stop asking “why.” I look at bad things and still look further to see God’s sovereignty in it all. I experience life and feel deeply. Then I write about it.

I’ve put every hospital bracelet I have ever received since I was 12 years old in a box to remind me that He is up to something, even if I can’t always see. But I stopped counting around number 27. I stopped asking “why” around then, too. The answers I found and the explanations circulating within the Christian community didn’t always make sense. In fact, I saw how our frequent mishandling of “why” can be outright destructive if we also do not give ourselves space to really engage our fears, doubts, and struggles. So I had a choice: I could look somewhere else in the world for answers, OR I could just ask different questions as I continued to turn to God’s Word.

I chose the latter. And my faith has grown because of it.

This place I hope will be a community where we can come together and talk about the toughest moments of our lives, while we continue to look towards Christ and ask new questions. We won’t figure it all out, but that’s okay. I can promise you that if we seek Him, we WILL find Him. He wants to take us so much deeper than the answers to our “why” questions ever could.

Are you ready?

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