You Are Wanted

There is room for you here.

Sometimes you might feel a little lost – not sure what you’re doing or where you should be. But I hope you’ll always know: you belong.

And, sometimes, we just need to let ourselves belong.

I know that doesn’t always help. It seems like pointless advice when we’re not sure where we fit and uncertain if anything will ever be different in the years still to come. The way we thought life would feel doesn’t exist, slipping farther away with each day that nothing changes. We want to belong, but when it doesn’t happen naturally, quickly — the way we want it to – it seems like it never will.

There will be days that are uncomfortable and difficult. It won’t always feel like we’ve found our place. Why? Because this isn’t Home. It wasn’t meant to be. We’re all on a journey to the eternal Home that God is preparing for us – a place just for you. The place where you belong.

When it feels like you are not wanted here, all of Heaven is rejoicing in the fact that you belong in the family of Christ, and you are wanted.

But you are wanted here, too.

Since you belong to the family of Christ, we belong with each other. We need this community. Even when it’s hard. Even when it’s beyond our comfort zone. Even when it means we have to set aside our idea of what belonging looks like to embrace the place we truly belong.

Even when it means we have to let ourselves sit at the table that wasn’t the one we expected, but is exactly where we’re supposed to be.

You belong there, too. Even if just for a season.

And for those seasons when you can’t find the table, and the hurt runs deep and the disappointment is overwhelming, something better is still coming. It may not come in this lifetime. I hope it does. But there is still a place for you. The welcome will be all the sweeter for those who were forgotten – those the world made feel unwanted.

You are wanted.

Things may not look the way we thought they would. But this is where we’re supposed to be. There is a reason, even when we cannot yet see.

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