Dear Heart: You Are Free

Dear heart,

I can see you’re carrying around the weight of scars from your past.

Steps you shouldn’t have taken. Words you shouldn’t have said. Things you shouldn’t have done. Things you should have. Mistakes you wish weren’t still haunting you.

I can see Satan’s trying to capture you in fear and shame. He says you are nothing but your weakest moments. He says you can never be anything more.

He’s lying.

Mistakes may leave their mark, but they will never define who you are.

The evil one will pull at your soul. He does not want you to see and know and understand and accept the grace that has been poured out on you. Because, when you do – when you choose to see and believe – you will be free.

You will be free from condemnation.

You will be free from shame.

You will be free from the ultimate penalty deserved.

You will be free.

There is no sin too great to separate us from Christ’s love. No life is too messy. No burden too overbearing. No weight He cannot lift.

The Creator of the whole universe saw you before you were even formed, and He wanted you.

He wanted you to know Him. He wanted to give you life in abundance.

He knew what you would do. He knew how you would reject Him. But He would not give up until you were saved. Because there was not anything you could do that He could not redeem. He is more powerful than it all.

He sees the struggle. He understands the pain. And He will be faithful. He will relentlessly bring us back to Himself, just like He does every. single. time. we try to turn away.

He cannot go back on His word.

He is not looking for an excuse to keep you away from Him.

He is the guard and protector of your soul, and He will not let evil have you.

He will win.

Evil has no power or authority in the presence of God.

And you, my heart, are in His presence, because you have Christ in you.

You are free.

You are free.


10 thoughts on “Dear Heart: You Are Free

  1. wmunsell11 says:

    I love this… “He cannot go back on His word.” And the coolest thing ever is that He doesn’t want to!

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