When The Words Aren’t There

Some days you just don’t have the words.

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It happens to me more than I’d like to admit. I’ve been staring at the same blank page for a couple days without any progress. I only have to put together a few hundred words, but I can’t seem to muster even five. They’re just not there.

Sometimes the words aren’t there when I need to articulate what’s on my heart. They’re not always there when I look at someone’s face and see the brokenness. Not even when the truth is already in my heart can I consistently formulate the words to convey what I know is real and right.

What do you do as words escape right when they’re so desperately needed?

Days like today remind me of why I’m so thankful that the Holy Spirit is living within us. He’s petitioning to God on our behalf, conveying what we cannot. He’s moving in this world, preparing the way we should walk. He’s prompting our heart, showing us what we need to understand. Petitioning, moving, prompting: using communication surpassing all words, yet speaking directly to the core of our soul.

I don’t always understand, I can’t always see or hear, but I can always know He is still petitioning, moving, and prompting.

So I put one foot in front of the other. With this hope and assurance, I don’t need to know the direction to begin walking where I’m supposed to go. I may not see the end result, but He does. He won’t let my footing stray as I continue to follow.

At times it’s the hardest journey I could ever imagine. But it is always good – He has already brought my concerns to the Father and He has harmonized the way with His will. It is always best – He has coordinated the entire path and no obstacle is a surprise to Him. It is always right – He secures me in my steps and brings me peace that cannot be described. Petitioning. Moving. Prompting.

When words aren’t enough, maybe they aren’t necessary.

I’m pretty sure that won’t fly with my paper, but it brings me a whole lot of comfort today.

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