Insecurity and Pride #IAMFOUNDSTUDY

Over the last several years, the Lord has really been convicting me that insecurity comes from our pride. I think that’s why we often try to hide parts of our lives and pieces of ourselves. Deep in our hearts, there’s a place full of shame and lies telling us we need to maintain a certain appearance. We don’t want the world to know our struggles and fears. We don’t want them to see our flaws and imperfections. We desperately work to cover them up.
What would happen if we committed to the transparency we’ve been called to embrace? The Bible clearly shows us it’s the imperfect people who have the greatest opportunity to make an impact for the Lord, but only when we make room in our lives for willingness and we allow God to work in our hearts and through our circumstances.
So let’s be brave – let’s be honest about where we are and what’s happening in our lives. You don’t need to hide.


I’m so excited to be a part of Moody Publisher’s launch team for the I Am Found study by Laura Dingman! The book will be released later in the summer and I will be sharing a little about it with you all over the next several weeks!

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