#waitmoreworryless (MondayMoments)

What would we NOT do if we truly believed all things were possible with the Lord?


I’m a do-er. If there’s a problem, I fix it. If things aren’t right, I look for a solution. If I see a goal in the future, I work until it’s here. But a few weeks ago a sweet friend reminded me of something I need to hear often: When God speaks to us, it’s not always a call to action.

Hearing that is not something I find easy to swallow. By embracing and understanding this, I have to acknowledge sometimes I’m not supposed to do anything even though I see so many things to fix and do in my life. When areas of my life are seemingly left undone, I feel helpless. I don’t like that I can’t take control and sort out my problems.

There are moments when we’re called to move. He will ask us to speak, to go, to do. But other times, He asks us to admit nothing was ever in our hands and any problems that were resolved in the past were a direct result of His hand on the situation. That is how He works and it will never change now or in the future.

Do I believe the Lord can fix my problems better than I can and that He can bless my life immeasurably more for waiting on Him to work it out in the way He knows is best?

If I did, I would probably let go a little easier. I may be willing to step out a little quicker. I could allow myself to worry less and not put so much pressure on myself to always get everything right.

Because, if I’m honest, I always get it wrong when I try to fix myself and the things in my life that are undone.

Sometimes the only action we’re supposed to take is to move closer to Him and just wait.

Will I be willing? It’s something I’m still working on – waiting more and worrying less.

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