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Periodically, we feature guest posts from members of our community in our series, “From The Road”. Walking through adversity is a journey and it’s something we should do together. What is God showing you as you travel this path? If you have a message on your heart that you’d like contribute, check out our Share Your Story page.

From the road ed

I am so honored to have been asked to write a guest post for the incredibly talented MaryLynn and her “from the road” series.

When she explained what her series was about, I was immediately in love with the entire concept. It is a concept that I keep close to my heart in all difficulties I face in this life. The focus of my blog journey has been the honest ups and downs of fighting Multiple Sclerosis and finding the light for every ugly it brings.

Surprisingly, my diagnosis was not devastating for me. I had been blind for two weeks before finally receiving an answer and knew it was a possibility when the doctor walked into the room. He was more nervous than I was when he said, “It is MS.” My immediate response…

“Great, now what do we do next?”

I am a face it head on kind of girl. I refuse to get stuck in the, if you are not careful, perpetual cycle of “Why?” Think of how many whys you can come up with…

Why me? Why now? Why MS? Why did God allow this? Why didn’t I catch it earlier? and on and on and on.

Trust me, you do not want to hop on that hamster wheel. It will eat you up and spit you out only to do it all over again.

So I just jump right past that. How? Because I have accepted that things happen for one of two reasons.

Everything can have a purpose in the bigger picture.

Sometimes, things just happen.

My MS has served a purpose. It has taught me to appreciate things I never even noticed before. I am thankful for the support I receive. I am thankful for the days I can run around with my little one. I am thankful for being able to see to read. I am thankful God shows me his grace. I am thankful God allows me to see His grace.

I did not slow down to pay enough attention before. I was self-involved in worldly things and too “busy” to acknowledge His mercies and miracles. The big one that shook me was during my first treatment in the hospital. My roommate came in during the middle of the night with heart complications and we connected the next morning over breakfast. After establishing we both loved the Lord, we realized we attended the same church. She said I had to meet someone…and she was calling them.

A retired Marine and his wife stopped by that afternoon to check on my roommate and see who it was that they had to meet. He was diagnosed with MS in the 80s before a lot of medical options had been developed and while he was active duty. His dream was to be a career Marine and MS definitely threw a wrench in that plan. He said he prayed like he had never prayed before and rested through his first relapse. When it came time for the superiors to decided if he could continue with his military career, the doctors were stunned. He showed no more symptoms of MS…at all. And he has not had a relapse since. He just has some days where his MS reminds him it is still there with a limp.

We then all gathered hands in that big white hospital room and prayed. It was soul shaking. It was hope. It was peace.

You will not hear me utter the words “my diagnosis was a blessing” because it most certainly was not, but I have learned to LOVE the happy consequences and lessons MS has afforded me. MS sucks, but my life does not have to in response. It is all in how I react and respond. So the RR in my MS no longer stand for Relapsing & Remitting….it is React & Respond.

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