There Is Nothing Good About Death

Jesus wept.

It’s the shortest and one of the most powerful verses in the Bible. No other words needed to be said. Lazarus’ friends and family had gathered together after his death and Jesus, by their side, wept with them.

Because there is nothing good about death.

enchanted Zj

When a loved one passes away, the pain can reach so deep into our soul that we become desperate for a small piece of relief. We mourn the loss and tell each other our loved one is better off. We talk about death as an escape from these confines. It’s merciful. It’s peaceful. It’s just part of life.

But there is nothing good about death.

Death is the ultimate consequence for our sinfulness. And while we process our grief, we forget to call it what it is – separation, which would be permanent by default. Death is the passing away of what is old and in itself hope does not exist.

No, there is nothing good about death.

Jesus weeps at the sight. He is sitting beside us as we stare at the missing piece of our heart and the emptiness in this earthly place. He is near and feels the sorrow inside our soul. But He is also whispering in our ear to tell us this is not the end of the story.

My friend put it so perfectly when she said: The beautiful thing about brokenness is that it’s being made whole.

Christ is taking something broken and tainted and He is in the process of making it whole. We wait with eager anticipation.

There is nothing good about death but everything about new, eternal life is good. In this we place our trust – Christ rose again and He will fulfill His promise to come for His bride. Death has no more power. It has been conquered and reversed. So we do not grieve as others do. Hope is awakening to remind us the way things are now is not how they will be in the end.

Christ will come again, we will be made whole, we will be reunited; and it is good.

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