A Hope That Will Not Disappoint

I wonder what goes through the caterpillar’s head as she transforms into a butterfly. Is she dreaming about what her new life will be like? Could she be glancing around the dark with expectant eyes of what surely will come next? We all know how it goes, but what if it doesn’t end the way she expects?

How does one resolve shattered hopes and unfulfilled plans?


Daring to hope is much more costly for the soul when the stakes are high and the probability of receiving our desire is low. It doesn’t seem worth the risk of heartbreak which will surely follow. But when fear creeps in, it serves as a reminder that my hope is residing in the wrong place. My hope shouldn’t be in the promise of earthly things. It must be in the Lord Himself, who is writing this story day-by-day and guiding me where He wants me to go. Life may not always turn out how I plan, but I must remember the only destination worth arriving to is my eternal home. Every experience along the way is merely a step toward that direction.

And this hope will never disappoint.

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