Love (from my perspective)

Love is consistent. It is gentle when mistakes are made over and over again. It compels persistently, while waiting, out of love. There is graciousness and understanding, because of love. Love does not wish ill on anyone, nor does it come to destroy for personal gain. Love would rather sacrifice its own appreciation and recognition to build up someone else.

It is not shameful and it does not bring disgrace to anyone. Love is pure and honorable. It requires unwavering respect and is continually self sacrificial. Love rejects unpredictable emotions and chooses to be steadfast. It seeks peace. To love means to forgive until there is nothing more to forgive and nothing left to forget. It moves forward when the heart wants to lag behind.

Love grieves deeply over sin and darkness, while overflows with joy when truth is embraced.

Love defends when everyone else abandons. Fighting for and preserving the welfare of others is its highest priority. Love would do anything to care for another. Suspicion and doubt cannot be found, because disloyalty, betrayal and dishonesty are inconceivable. Truth is spoken in love. Love does not constantly see the past, but clings to and anticipates the future. It chooses to try and believes there is a way.

Love will never give up and never let you go.

Words may not be remembered forever. But if we loved, how we loved, will never be forgotten.

(1 Corinthians 13:4-8, from my perspective.)

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