Only By Grace

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be?

It’s wonderful and exciting. It feels like you’ve settled into a spot that had your name written all over it, but you just couldn’t see it until now. It’s where you belong.

And it’s overwhelming. Because you know it wasn’t something you could have coordinated on your own. It’s different now. Not like in the past; all those other moments of forcing things to work together, only for it to fall apart right in front of you. Without even trying, these pieces fell into place, opportunities started knocking, life began unfolding, and you know it’s exactly the way it’s supposed to be.

Only by grace.

Sometimes it feels like the harder we try to make things work, the more they fall apart. Or at least, they hurt more when they fall apart. We can be so convinced that we know best. Even when it eats away our spirit, threatening to make us a prisoner, we stick it out. Because giving up on this would be quitting, and you’re stronger than that. In the meantime, what you thought you wanted becomes the thing that you want to escape. It’s empty here. So let go.

In the midst of life falling apart, you start to see life coming together. Not just a life, but the life you were intended to live. You only have one, and the Creator of it wouldn’t dream of wasting it by forgetting to give you a purpose and a plan. He wouldn’t forget to bring you to where you’re supposed to be.

Then the heart just wants to fall on its face out of thankfulness and feelings of unworthiness, because you find yourself in this wonderful place, and He didn’t have to bring you here. He didn’t have to give you these things which bring your heart so much joy. But He did. And you don’t deserve any of it.

Only by grace.

Even in this place, life is still hard sometimes. It just comes with the job description of being one of His. We were never promised easy. But who wants easy? Easy doesn’t experience anything. It’s safe because it’s in a place where life doesn’t visit. It isn’t really living. Right in the middle of hard and hurtful, complicated and confining, inadequate and insufficient, we learn exactly what we’re not and exactly who He is.

That’s when life is really full of life. Real life. And you know He is near, because there’s no way to navigate this mess without His help. We experience who He is in ways we had never even thought of before. He reveals Himself to us and we find there was never a need to worry. When we can’t, He can.

Only by grace.

This is where you won’t want to miss a minute of life. He has given you this life, in this place, for this time, with a purpose. And it’s beautiful, because this is exactly where you’re supposed to be.

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