What Miley Taught Us: We’re Slaves to Our Culture…And She Deserves Better

Fortunately, I was not among those who saw Miley Cyrus’ performance at the VMAs this past weekend. Although, it only took a few minutes of news and social media to get the general idea of what had happened. I think it’s interesting that the outrage over her behavior was so strong, from all corners. It wasn’t just one group speaking out. It seems to be the majority raising their voices to say that they didn’t approve.

That’s encouraging. In a world where whims, emotions and rebellion rule, where there’s constant division, it’s refreshing to see a large number of people coming together to agree that there is some sort of line between decency and indecency, and she crossed that line. There was no question.

I also think so many people would be overjoyed, genuinely proud and excited to see dear Miley turn her life around. At least, I know I would. I want nothing more than to see her treat herself with respect, because that’s what she deserves. I don’t want anyone thinking that anything less is acceptable.

But if that is truly how we feel, was our reaction the right one?

People were hearing about Miley’s performance before the night had finished. Only a few hours later it was all over the late night news and it has continued to explode in tons of outlets. Three days later, the chatter is still going strong. There probably are not very many people who haven’t heard something about it, whether they watched or not. And maybe that’s exactly what she wanted. Maybe it’s even what she expected.

It’s no secret some celebrities will do all sorts of things to gain recognition. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was just another ploy to make us stand up and take notice. It doesn’t excuse Miley’s behavior, but it does put the situation in a different perspective.

If we really want to see better, is that the message we’re sending? In a matter of seconds we proved to Hollywood what they knew all along: Shock us and we’ll give you a reaction; we’ll give you what you want.

We’re nothing more than slaves to the people who think they own our culture. They know they own us.

It’s scary that they know us so well. It’s even scarier to think they won’t be satisfied. They’re not going to pack up and go home since they’ve found what works. They’ll push us even farther next time because they know we’re being desensitized. They know how to control us.

Maybe this says a whole lot more about us than anything else.

Why should we let pop-culture control us when we have the power to make a huge change? We have to show we expect more, instead of only reacting when it’s lacking. Whether those who think they hold the power realize it or not, they will listen to us. They’ll only sell what we’ll buy. So why are we allowing ourselves to buy this?

We’re worth more than this. Miley is worth more than this, even if she doesn’t realize it at the moment.

How can we show her?

I want to show this girl that she is beautiful because she is created in the image of her Heavenly Father, not because she flaunts her body. I want to show her that she has worth because she is Miley, not because millions of people tweet about her. I want to show her that she is valuable and she shouldn’t allow anyone, especially herself, to treat her otherwise. I want to show her that His love is more precious than anything, and our attention means nothing.

But she needs our help. If that’s we demand, maybe that’s what she’ll start to understand.

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